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Welcome to Tachasis Primary School

The school is held under the umbrella of Tachasis Charitable Children's Institution (TACHI) self-help group

Registered early 2014 under the ministry of labour, TACHI is a primary day school that focuses on early childhood education. We are located at Sirikwa location and sub-location, Kamara division, Kuresoi North constituency. At Tachasis primary, our main goal is to bring up the child in all spears of life from spiritual guidance, physical education, as well as provided lunch and breaktime meals.

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Let's work for a better future

The single most important thing we have learnt over the years is that it is difficult to educate a hungry child. That is why we have instituted free breaktime snack and lunches to our children. We welcome donations and all in-kind support so that together we can make the world a better place.

Our efforts to support the child spans beyond classroom

We leverage all our strengths, including farming to ensure the children are well fed as they undertake their school activities. We also use farm tools, equipment and agricultural practices as our teaching strategies.

Starting 2020 with new hope for the child

Last year's drought was devastating. The village as a whole struggeled to get by, animal feedstock was scarce and hunger was destructive. Most of the families lost their stock to famine. We also struggled but endured, thanks to all financial and in-kind support. This year (2020) starts with new hope. We have planted enough fodder that would hopefuly last throughout the year.

We treasure our staff

With the little we have, we make sure that our staff (both teaching and non-teaching) live a reasonably comfortable life. That is the only way to ensure ultimate productivity.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Tachasis Charitable Children's Institution is founded on the principle that education is more than just schooling. We endevor to provide the less fortunate children with an equally competitive education, spiritual guidance, while at the same time giving material support during their learning process.

Vision: Together with our coperating parents, we are set to engage the community and the society as a whole. We will do everything to ensure our children attain a better life of tomorrow.


The senior pupils at Tachasis primary are now in class six. Our aim is to be able to register for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).

Two years seems like a long period but time passes a lot faster when doing what you love. Our passion for the child is more than just education.


TACHI was founded by Ms. Elizabeth Motwek. A 73 year old woman, and a philantrophist with a passion for education. Tachasis means "receive the sun" it so happens that our school is located in a terrain that is facing the sun quite literally. You will be pleased to find out also, that "Asis" in our colloquial language means God. We therefore receive God at Tachasis. We believe in the writings in James 1: 27 which says: A Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


Transforming from 8-4-4 to the new education system 2-6-3-3-3 has not been difficult for us. We believe in flexibility and zero resistance to change. Tachasis ushered the new system with delight.


Early childhood education is very demanding. That is why here at Tachasis we seek high quality staff. Our quality standards are based on the ability to provide a mix of parenting and teaching in one package. Our staff are motivated and are well-informed on our goals.


We at Tachasis see the value of spiritial up-bringing of the child. Religious education is strongly emphasized in our teaching curriculum.


It is difficult to grasp the attention of a hungry child. That is why we use farming as a means of support to provide lunches and breaktime meals to the children. This is a cost that is intentionally excluded from the school fees to enable humble learning for the child.


The following sections gives useful updates, past and future events

2019 Third Term Closing Day


We had a great celebration during the closing day for third term last year.
During such days, arents and teachers engage to brainstorm the progress of the child and give suggestions on what can be improved.

Let's Speak with One Voice

First Term 2020 Closing Day

As usual on the closing days, end of first term will be a celebration for children who did best, as well as hearing from parents. All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and participate in this and all school ceremonies.

Enrollment is still on

All-year round enrollment

We encourage parents to enroll their children with us. Do not let children stay home and idle. Their future of your children is literally in your hands. Send them to us and we will do what we can for the best. Act now!



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